The website is back. It was hacked sometime in 2018 during the great Drupal Armageddon of 2018. I decided that it was time to convert the site away from Drupal to something a bit more long term maintainable and the wisest choice seems to be Hugo. Hugo is a static site generator for bloggers, CMS authors and more and it basically takes the “dynamic” part of your site and generates it once. It of course helps that it’s extremely fast. Since there is nothing dynamic running on the server, the attack surface is a lot smaller. So that is that… The site is not entirely what it needs to be yet, the logo needs installed and a few other bits need to be improved but most of the content is there. I use the word “content” loosely as much of this was written over 10 years ago and both the applicability today and wisdom of the written words are suspect. That said, the ideals behind the content still apply so in a perfect world I will revise and update all of them.

Another topic for discussion is my repeated proclamations that I am back and ready to work hard, only to disappear with barely a wimper. So this time, I will make no proclamations other than to say I’d really like to work on this stuff again. Especially RPMint. RPMint is a great idea but I am having nothing but trouble building software due to underlying systems issues. My Firebee has died. My falcon isn’t reliable. Well it wasn’t. I’ve recently discovered the most likely source of my system instabilities was the combination of CTPCI and EtherNAT. With or without the buffer jumper things would just crash. Now that I put an EtherNEC back in there it seems to be quite stable so I may be up and running there. All of these are really just excuses in the end because I have ARAnyM to use. The reality is kids, family, life. The same reality we all have ;)