In the eternal words of Bender from Futurama - I’m Back Baby! This site has been sitting neglected for a long time and for good reason. Nothing much has been happening. Let’s see if I can recount the history. First my Falcon broke, then my TT’s both. Then we became expecting our first child. Then we had our first child. Then I had to put everything in attic storage because we were selling our house. Then we moved into an RV and started a full time remote business. Somewhere in there I got the firebee but the firebee hasn’t really been usable yet as it is inherently a work in progress and a difficult thing to change architectures (from 68k to coldfire). However, my child is reaching an age where he’s more self-managing, my business reuiqres a bit less effort these days, and the firebee has reached a point where I can do meaningful work on it so here we are. As a result I plan to bring the site forward and bring it back from the dead. Stay tuned!