A Christmas release of GEM Instant Messenger has arrived. GEM Instant Messenger is an AOL instant messenger compatible IM client for Atari systems running MiNT. This version has fixes of iconification, font selection issues fixed, it’s built with Windom 2.0, buddylist size/position is saved in the configuration file, debug text has been isolated and removed, bug causing buddylist to redraw over everything fixed, and restructuring and beautification of all dialogs.

Now I’ll be working on the Sparemint Update Manager to get a usable release now that I finally got my new server up and running. It shouldn’t be long at all. Also the site is almost ready to go again :)

Once that is done, I plan to rebuild gim mostly from scratch using the current version of libfaim. In this version, now that I have much more GEM experience, I will make sure everything is very pluggable so that protocol plugins can be used, and the new version of libfaim has many nifty features like server side buddylists and more!

Have a merry XMAS and happy to holidays to people who swing the other ways :)