It’s been a little while since I really updated anyone on anything. I have so many projects, so many things going on so what have I been working on? Well besides a super huge project at work ;), what I’ve been doing. Well GIM is fairly stable and has had no complaints (and perhaps no users ;) ). The new sparemint site seems to have a lot more interest and that’s been consuming my time. Lately the most time has been spent on adding an automatic build system and completely revamping the package upload process. Now there’s build farm functionality provided by simplistic shell scripts so other users can contribute. Make sure to read more ;)

The IDEA is that when we eventually have multiple repositories, like one built with gcc 2.95.3, 3.3.6 and newer binutils and a system optimized for 060, we will be able to upload once the src package and build for our standard configuration using build farm aranym instances. It should work really well. Additionally I’m testing each tool in the new binutils individually and working out the bugs. The primary functionality of binutils works but many of the tools are broken. It’s certainly not release quality.