What is Arthur? Arthur is a simple language conversion utility. It utilizes custom dictionary files allowing any language to be converted to any other language. While using Arthur I couldn’t help but notice one thing. The actual language conversion of just one word seems kind of slow. It almost takes a full second on my falcon because of whatever it is doing to the video. It seems kind of rediculous to me, but it’s a price I’d be willing to pay as the functionality of it is very cool. Arthur has an element to it that seemingly no other GEM programs have these days. Style. As you can see by the top picture, the author wasn’t afraid to throw a little color and style into the mix. Design his own special windows. It’s funny that while GEM used to be aesthetically the best, it has now fallen behind, aside from the efforts of authors like Eric Reboux and the author of Arthur. All in all, it’s just not a very complex program to write a review about. It does its just and does it reasonably well, and has a certain level of cuteness that will keep me running it day in and day out to convert that nagging word to English. The beta only comes with a German to ….. some language dictionary so if you are an English user, it will be fairly useless to you. But you can play around trying to translate the half-complete German dictionary included.

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