BoinkOut has been a longstanding favorite Atari game of mine. It is no doubt that this review will be at least somewhat biased. BoinkOut is a game that surely many people have played for their Atari computers. BoinkOut 2 is the latest revision of this game, adding sound, GEM XIMG backgrounds, more speed and additional timing features. It was more or less brought up-to-date. The one thing I can’t help to notice during my hour (or more ;) ) of testing this game, is that even though everything seems to be updated and new. The actual bouncing ball or eye looks very two colorish. It seems that no attention was placed on the ball itself but rather everything else around it. It’s a minor detail but something that bugged me nonetheless. Still overall this game is great, fast, and addictive. Qualities which give it high marks.

New Features in this version: AV-Server support for drag and drop ST-Guide online help GEMScript Support User loadable level files

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