ChuChu Rocket is a game which to the best of my knowledge was originally released for the dreamcast. When I review a game I tend to take into consideration things that others may not. Will the game run under MagiC, will it run under MiNT. If it does not allow proper multitasking to continue, will it exit cleanly. Although chuchu rocket admittedly does not run under MagiC, I must admit I am impressed. This game is worth a reboot into singleTOS to play it.

While this game could perhaps have better visuals or audio considering the amazing power of the falcon, I am amazed at how well it holds to the real chuchu rocket game. It’s practically an exact replica. Great detail and attention were paid to the writing of multiple interface control. Your player can be controlled using any one of very many control interfaces available to the falcon.

All in all, this is a very recent, very high quality game that is very very very addictive. I would recommend it to any and all falcon owners.