MyMail version 1.54 is the brand new updated version of this highly recognized e-mail software. MyMail uses the STiK TCP stack for it’s internet connectivity. My first use of MyMail was for this review and I must admit, it was a delight. I quickly figured out that any particular feature of MyMail that I might not have liked could easily be turned off, on or otherwise adjusted through the advanced preferences menu system. MyMail seems to have quite a few features placing it over the top of other GEM mail clients. There’s outbound mailing lists, spam filters that filter by dictionary keywords that you can enter. There’s outgoing mail aliases… i.e. type “Mark” in the To: field instead of “”. The navigation system built into MyMail is rather innovative if nothing else. Pretty much anything in MyMail is done through a series of self-descriptive icons at the top of each particular window. The icons are completely self-explanatory and after 10 minutes of use, you should find yourself breezing through MyMail, no matter what language you speak. By default several of the icons including the new mail are animated. These animations I feel slow everything down… I was originally thinking of giving lower marks for this review because of them but I soon figured out you can turn off any or all animations if you so feel like it. My only real gripes of MyMail are that it does not have IMAP support which I long for in an Atari e-mail client. Just the same there is only one “user name” and password field in the setups. This means one of two things. SMTP authentication, becoming used by numerous ISP’s is just not supported at all, or it is but must use the same username and password as your POP server. This is highly inconvenient as I often use different POP servers versus SMTP server. One thing Erik might consider adding is “profiles” so can have different identities (easily selectable) for sending messages, as well as retrieval from multiple POP/IMAP mailboxes. I realize this is easier said than done, so I eagerly await the next series of improvements. For now, MyMail is certainly a good client supporting the latest in TOS features such as MiNT multithreading, 16 color icons, animations, and the likes.

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