The program I will be reviewing for you today is called Resource Master. The version is 3.2 demo and it was created in 2000. It is (currently?) being distributed by Application Systems Heidelberg. Resource Master is somewhat of your typical GEM .RSC file editor. If you are confused as to what a resource file is, you can simply click here. Although I am not very qualified to make an intensive review of the functionality of this program, what I do intend to give you is somewhat of an overview of the program. I will also start a task commonly done such as a language conversion of an RSC and report on the ease of use. The first thing I notice when opening RSM, is that the feel holds very true to the ever popular Interface resource editor. Interface is a rather old editor though which does not support current AES features amongst other things. In fact, resource master holds so true to Interface, that it even has the same built in minidesktop. Doing something like a language conversion is just as easy and/or difficult as it was using Interface. I find using this program to be a breeze. Current features available to programmers like bubbleGEM are used and used well. ItØs also easy to see placeholders like spaces in the text fields creating an easy method for which to match up spaces. All in all, from my best judgement it looks as though Resource Master is a spectacular utility able to compliment any programmer’s collection.

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