• Review: Abehn Mekka Symposium 2k2 Gfx Demo

    A huge demoparty seems to have occurred right underneath my nose. The Mekka Symposium 2002 held in Dresden Germany on Easter must have been an interesting event. Reportedly 20ish people from the Atari demoscene showed up and something rather interesting happened. The Atari demoscene met up with a nice guy named Ephydrena who’s Amiga demo group rallied for him to make an Atari Falcon demo. And Abehn was born and is a result from attendance of Mekka 2k2.
  • Review: Whip!

    As many Atari fans know of, the Atari Jaguar contained a friendly little enhancement called the Virtual Light Machine. This Falcon only program is Escape’s attempt to re-create the VLM for our machines. The program is modular and several third party modules have been created to create spectacular 3d effects that pulsate, shape-shift, and otherwise contort to the music. As fantastic as this thing is, it gets even better by being full compliant with every multitasking system available for the falcon.
  • Review: Hmmm Falcon Graphics Demo

    At first this demo would not work on my falcon. The more frustrated I became, the more I really wanted to see this demo. I was recommended to watch it by more than one person in order to “be impressed”. That was the case. The demo runs approximately 5 minutes, maybe more, providing amazing effects coupled with wonderful creative music. It even managed to impress my girlfriend, which is an absolutely diffiicult thing to do.