Hello all, some more Coldfire news. The coldfire boards are in and the donations have been set in stone. The lucky recipients are Didier Mequignon of Aniplayer fame. He will be patching TOS to run on the Coldfire and will be working on Video and keyboard/mouse. This is of course of utmost importance! Alan Hourihane will be receiving one and will be working on linux video stuff which can hopefully be reworked for TOS. Olivier Landemarre will be working on MyAES, TOS and whatever else comes along. Finally we have Nicholas Steele whose generous credentials and time should yield some good Atari stuff. The final board will remain in my possession. I’ve already gotten Linux and a busybox distribution cross-built and got an NFS root running. Once Didier gets TOS running and Freemint runs, I’ll be working on porting a coldfire native GCC 3.4.6 for sparemint as well as building a coldfire native easymint. So most of my work will come later. Right now I am working on getting freemint running on my coldfire board in the same way it ran on Norman Feske’s development board. Once we have a workable product, my role will also be a USA distributor for an Atari computer. I intend to work out vendor arrangements with companies to provide the ITX Coldfire board, USB 2.0, video, and other stuff. When it’s all said and done we will be able to produce a very low end Coldfire Atari for around $500USD or a very high end using the M5485EVB for around $1000USD. Both very much cheaper than other clones were. Yay.