• Atari Coldfire Information

    Well much time has passed since the original rumblings of a Coldfire based Atari clone has been discussed. I’m pleased to announce that after such a long absence of progress things are moving at breakneck pace! Hardly like the Atari community I know ;) but who can complain right? :-P I have officially joined the Atari Coldfire project at http://acp.atari.org. This project has been revived using some original members and many new members to create a coldfire clone.
  • Atari on Coldfire Information

    Click through to read my synopsis of the current coldfire activity in the Atari world. Current Projects: Firebee!: An entire community of people is working with no compensation whatsoever to bring you this board hopefully within just a month or two left of development. Probably it will be longer but we can all be hopeful right? Amazing contributors include (but are by no means limited to!) -Mathias Wittau: diligently rounded up the entire community to get the project moving.
  • Coldfire News

    Hello all, some more Coldfire news. The coldfire boards are in and the donations have been set in stone. The lucky recipients are Didier Mequignon of Aniplayer fame. He will be patching TOS to run on the Coldfire and will be working on Video and keyboard/mouse. This is of course of utmost importance! Alan Hourihane will be receiving one and will be working on linux video stuff which can hopefully be reworked for TOS.
  • The Future...

    Back again, and this time with an agreement from Freescale to donate a few M5484LITE development boards to our community. I’ll be using one, and I’m going to try to get some other guys to take some but there’ll be one or two left. The key things we’ll need from someone who takes the boards are getting the USB and a PCI video card working on the device. Which means the freemint kernel will need the integrated PCI bios, and USB 2.