Back again, and this time with an agreement from Freescale to donate a few M5484LITE development boards to our community. I’ll be using one, and I’m going to try to get some other guys to take some but there’ll be one or two left. The key things we’ll need from someone who takes the boards are getting the USB and a PCI video card working on the device. Which means the freemint kernel will need the integrated PCI bios, and USB 2.0 high speed support in order to boot the rest of the system. All this must fit in the 4MB of flash. The systems have 64MB of DDR memory which is for the most part enough to work with GCC. If anyone wants to help please get in touch with me. Email is mduckworth and that’s at Once I have finished development to the extent of my skills and we have something working, my development board will be a wicked fast sparemint build farm daemon :)