Well today I worked a lot on SUM and during the last few days I’ve been attempting to get GCC compiled. Now a lot of people have succeeded in “compiling” the gcc 3.3x branch but as far as I know, nobody has produced a working g++ compiler. Now, we can’t move on in sparemint without it in my opinion because there’s almost certainly a few package in our current repository that are C++ or have C++ in them. In addition, this is a pretty basic foundational package - we can’t move on without it.

Thus we’re stuck with gcc 2.95.3 right now, and all we could really do is compile a sparemint for -m68020-60, however the gcc 2.95.3 optimizations for this are somewhat minimal I think.

I’ve had one idea today to create a hybrid system both installed and using g++ from 2.95.3 and gcc from 3.3x or even 4.x branch. It could work and since we don’t have a lot of C++ code… But still seems somewhat kludgy.

As far as SUM is concerned, the console functionality is finished as I may or may not have said. Now I did a lot of work on the GEM portion. The status lines work, progress bars work and now there’s an install specific package functionality for it. Finishing the “upgrade” stuff won’t be too hard, but alas it’s not something I feel like doing yet tonight. Tonight I need to work on the actual web interface for sparemint because it’s been hurting for effort.