• Atari on Coldfire Information

    Click through to read my synopsis of the current coldfire activity in the Atari world. Current Projects: Firebee!: An entire community of people is working with no compensation whatsoever to bring you this board hopefully within just a month or two left of development. Probably it will be longer but we can all be hopeful right? Amazing contributors include (but are by no means limited to!) -Mathias Wittau: diligently rounded up the entire community to get the project moving.
  • Ccache is now available for FreeMiNT

    Some of you may or may not have seen my usenet post, but now available in the development packages section of this site is an RPM for ccache. ccache is a gcc preprocessor cache. It’s usage can speed up build times immensely. For people who are building their development software or making incremental changes to rpm builds, any software that was previously compiled will compile lightyears faster. On my falcon freemint takes 1 hour+ to build in total, after running a build with ccache enabled, if you make distclean and make a marginal change and rebuild the whole thing, the result is it finishing in only a few minutes.
  • Open Source and Atari

    As the title would suggest, this is an article that goes into depths not so much about the concepts and ideals of open source but instead dilvulges in plain detail how open source has helped the world, and specifically Atari. It will also go into detail as to describe my future plans and how open source could lead Atari to a very bright future. To start we should probably go through a little bit of background of about how open source software has helped Atari already.
  • My First and Final Attempt at Creating an Atari ROM Port Ethernet Board

    Hey guys, I wanted to give out a sort of update regarding the ethernet boards that I was building to adapt the Genius E3000-II to work with the Atari rom-port. Elmar Hilgarte already sells these adapters, but as he is overseas, I was hoping to create a cheaper solution for Americans. Also I have found that at times, he is unable to answer his email very quickly. More or less this is the story.
  • STiNG versus STiK2 versus iConnect versus MiNTnet versus MagiCNet

    This debate will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three popular TCP/IP stacks for TOS and MiNT. This is meant to be a comprehensive article that delves into the inner workings of these stacks as best as I can mentally do. Also discussed are plain eyesight observations about functionality and effectiveness. STiNG: STiNG is a rather exceptional stack originally written primarily by Peter Rottengatter, and later taken over by Ronald Andersson.
  • An Unbiased MagiC versus MiNT Comparison

    Preface: In my travels throughout the Atari community, there has been quite a bit of heresay regarding two of the most popular operating environments, MagiC and MiNT. Huge debates and even spirted fights have been sparked by loyal users defending their platform of choice. It is without a doubt, that at some point throughout these arguments, facts are contorted and perhaps presented in a misleading way. The simple fact is though, that any person can turn on a computer, use it, operate it, and take note of how things run, how fast they are, and how flexible it is.
  • Hardware Upgrade Dilemmas

    Unbeknownst to many, a debate goes on in the Atari community. Often in secret, it is argued over and over again… What is the best path of hardware upgrades for Atari users. I’ve seen it argued on atari.org message forums and as well I’ve seen it argued on usenet. The way I see it, is that there is three basic paths. 1) Emulation. PowerPC macs are able to run MagiC Mac and thus Atari software at lightning speed over the real Ataris, but at a significant penalty.
  • Toswin2 - Advantage MiNT

    For those of you who might follow along into my small missions, I have taken quite a bit of effort into attempting to get the very popular ConNect terminal emulator sources. Why? In my humble opinion it was the hands down best 16 color terminal program for GEM. It seemed (and still does seem) very properly programmed and tends to work in every OS or strange combination that I could ever try it in.
  • My Atari Ethernet Experience

    Getting ethernet on my Atari computers has been an unfortunately long and difficult process. It was one problem after another and I figure if anything good can come of all of this, I can warn other Atari users of the potential problems that they might have and help them to decide which solution might be best for them. My very first Atari ethernet experience involved an Asante SCSI Ethernet adapter. I bought one of these adapters from eBay just to give it a shot and see what could be done with it.
  • The Advantages ARAnyM Offers

    First of all a little bit of background. Aranym is an Atari machine emulator. In a world of tons of Atari emulators, Aranym is quite a bit different in a very refreshing way. This article will compare Aranym to the other emulators available out there and show you just why it is better. Pacifist, steem, stonx and the likes are all great emulators. They have a specific purpose in mind. Emulate Atari computers perfectly to the point where all of the hardware specifically written atari software (games and demos) work perfectly.