Some of you may or may not have seen my usenet post, but now available in the development packages section of this site is an RPM for ccache. ccache is a gcc preprocessor cache. It’s usage can speed up build times immensely. For people who are building their development software or making incremental changes to rpm builds, any software that was previously compiled will compile lightyears faster. On my falcon freemint takes 1 hour+ to build in total, after running a build with ccache enabled, if you make distclean and make a marginal change and rebuild the whole thing, the result is it finishing in only a few minutes. If you just use this transparently, it will really speed up your operations in the long run when your cache gets nice and full. After installing the RPM just do the following to your path: export PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH. This will cause it to use the gcc symlinks instead of the real binaries which will run everything through the caching engine. Have fun and please let me know if there’s any problems as I had to make some interesting code changes in order to get this to build. This may increase gcc’s memory requirements twofold.