• The Guide to Falcon Emulators

    Today while there’s a lot of choice in Falcon accelerators, all having strengths and weaknesses, unfortunately none of them can be purchased new. If you’re lucky at the time of this writing, you can get on the CT60 “abandoned” list in which case you might be able to buy a CT60 that the prior buyer didn’t follow thru on. So.. Let’s start from the beginning. Simple Accelerators Simple accelerators are accelerators that aren’t much more than a replacement clock crystal.
  • Ways of Getting Ethernet on Your Atari

    This page is very deprecated and will be updated in the future. Apologies. Suddenly, from 0 options, we are suddenly presented several options in order to get ethernet on our Atari’s. 4 to be exact. But which would should you choose and why? I will attempt to elaborate. Currently the driver for STiNG for the Daynaport SCSI Link ethernet adapter can be considered beta at best. It is rumored to have issues with large transfers where it seems to like to timeout.
  • A Beginners Guide to Atari Emulation

    In order to read this article, it is expected that you have foundational knowledge of Atari computers and software as well as the advantages of having an Atari computer so that you can make your own comparisons. Without this experience, this article may or may not make sense to you. I take no responsibility if your brain were to happen to explode. There is, much to our advtange, a substantial amount of choices of when it comes to emulation of the TOS platform, but before choosing or experiementing in this platform, it’s important to understand the benefits and limitations that surround each particular type of emulator.
  • Minimalist Guide to Installing a Falcon030 in a Tower Case

    This guide is quite old and is now deprecated. It was never a guide on doing a good job either, which with a machine as rare as the Falcon, you shouldn’t really consider. There are many reasons someone might want to put their Falcon into a tower case. The number one reason I can think of right now would be to prepare for your CT60 to arrive. Also perhaps your 2.
  • What are GEM Resource Files?

    If you have never really dug into Atari’s and aren’t a programmer or technically minded (there aren’t many of you ;) ) then you probably wonder what those .rsc resource files are and why they are needed. Maybe you are technically minded but never really found an explanation. This help guide explains what those pesky .RSC files are. The .rsc files are GEM resource files. They contain graphics, window and menu definitions that a program uses.