In the land of tons of trackers, who needs a new one? We do. Every tracker up until now has been unfortunately a plain vanilla tracker. Right up until Groumf tracker we haven’t really experienced much that is worth talking about. Groumf tracker takes things one step further by pushing far more channels of audio through the slow Falcon, and also allows for conversion of XM’s. Flex Tracker then allowed for DSP effects to be applied to samples - nice. Ace Tracker is the most unique of all music trackers I have ever seen. Take the uniquely perfect sound of Ace MIDI, and add a tracked music platform to it and what do you get? Sheer brilliance. While I did not play with Ace Tracker for very long I found the enclosed sample tune to be of the highest caliber when it comes to sound quality and originality. There’s just something about synthesized sounds that are so pure compared to their sampled counterparts. Unfortunately I cannot write a full review of Ace Tracker as my Falcon is currently located far from me and I can only use it sporadically for the time being. What I can say is that like most all newbeat productions I have had the privilege of using thus far, it is absolutely worth the download and is a piece of the utmost quality software. Kudos to Thomas and crew for another job well done.