• Review: Ace Tracker - Initial Reactions

    In the land of tons of trackers, who needs a new one? We do. Every tracker up until now has been unfortunately a plain vanilla tracker. Right up until Groumf tracker we haven’t really experienced much that is worth talking about. Groumf tracker takes things one step further by pushing far more channels of audio through the slow Falcon, and also allows for conversion of XM’s. Flex Tracker then allowed for DSP effects to be applied to samples - nice.
  • Review: ACE Midi version 1.04 Registered

    Although I have many interests, I am sincerely a music lover. Since a child I have learned to play guitar and sing reasonably well. I also am fairly talented at whistling as strange as that may sound. Throughout High School I played the Trombone on a daily basis and was in the Jazz band and was fairly good. The one common denominator is that I have always been musically inclined. If not for the audiophile ear, it\’s the ability to tell pitch by ear, etc.
  • Review: GemGT2 v0.45

    GemGT2 is a Groumf Tracker module player for GEM. It works under MagiC and MiNT in whatever flavor of AES/desktop you might happen to choose. In my search for a decent media player for GEM, I do believe I found it. GemGT2 was created by SWE of YesCrew, and uses extremely highly optimized Groumf Tracker routines created by earx/FUN. The one thing I couldn’t help but to realize is that before playing an XM, S3M or whatever particular song you have interested in an in the full version of Groumf Tracker, it is quickly converted to native Groumf Tracker format.
  • Review: Aniplayer

    Updated August 3rd, 2005. In addition to being completely free, Aniplayer is the most supported media player for GEM computers. It features modes to suck out the most performance for playing videos and supports many types, that, were simply not supported on linux until well after Aniplayer supported them. Didier Mequignon is the creator of this excellent media player and has worked almost singlehandedly from my understanding coding the efficient codecs.
  • Review: Whip!

    As many Atari fans know of, the Atari Jaguar contained a friendly little enhancement called the Virtual Light Machine. This Falcon only program is Escape’s attempt to re-create the VLM for our machines. The program is modular and several third party modules have been created to create spectacular 3d effects that pulsate, shape-shift, and otherwise contort to the music. As fantastic as this thing is, it gets even better by being full compliant with every multitasking system available for the falcon.