• My First and Final Attempt at Creating an Atari ROM Port Ethernet Board

    Hey guys, I wanted to give out a sort of update regarding the ethernet boards that I was building to adapt the Genius E3000-II to work with the Atari rom-port. Elmar Hilgarte already sells these adapters, but as he is overseas, I was hoping to create a cheaper solution for Americans. Also I have found that at times, he is unable to answer his email very quickly. More or less this is the story.
  • My Atari Ethernet Experience

    Getting ethernet on my Atari computers has been an unfortunately long and difficult process. It was one problem after another and I figure if anything good can come of all of this, I can warn other Atari users of the potential problems that they might have and help them to decide which solution might be best for them. My very first Atari ethernet experience involved an Asante SCSI Ethernet adapter. I bought one of these adapters from eBay just to give it a shot and see what could be done with it.
  • Ways of Getting Ethernet on Your Atari

    This page is very deprecated and will be updated in the future. Apologies. Suddenly, from 0 options, we are suddenly presented several options in order to get ethernet on our Atari’s. 4 to be exact. But which would should you choose and why? I will attempt to elaborate. Currently the driver for STiNG for the Daynaport SCSI Link ethernet adapter can be considered beta at best. It is rumored to have issues with large transfers where it seems to like to timeout.