• Ccache is now available for FreeMiNT

    Some of you may or may not have seen my usenet post, but now available in the development packages section of this site is an RPM for ccache. ccache is a gcc preprocessor cache. It’s usage can speed up build times immensely. For people who are building their development software or making incremental changes to rpm builds, any software that was previously compiled will compile lightyears faster. On my falcon freemint takes 1 hour+ to build in total, after running a build with ccache enabled, if you make distclean and make a marginal change and rebuild the whole thing, the result is it finishing in only a few minutes.
  • An Unbiased MagiC versus MiNT Comparison

    Preface: In my travels throughout the Atari community, there has been quite a bit of heresay regarding two of the most popular operating environments, MagiC and MiNT. Huge debates and even spirted fights have been sparked by loyal users defending their platform of choice. It is without a doubt, that at some point throughout these arguments, facts are contorted and perhaps presented in a misleading way. The simple fact is though, that any person can turn on a computer, use it, operate it, and take note of how things run, how fast they are, and how flexible it is.
  • Toswin2 - Advantage MiNT

    For those of you who might follow along into my small missions, I have taken quite a bit of effort into attempting to get the very popular ConNect terminal emulator sources. Why? In my humble opinion it was the hands down best 16 color terminal program for GEM. It seemed (and still does seem) very properly programmed and tends to work in every OS or strange combination that I could ever try it in.